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The team from Sassy Decor engaged City Cloud for a professional social media management task. Both teams worked tirelessly to reach a consensus and jotted some goals, project timelines and other deliverables.

Social Media Goals

The professional social media managers from City Cloud were quick to identify the client’s problems and how to solve them. Additionally, the City Cloud crew gave details into why the original social plan didn’t work.
Here are some common goals that both teams agreed on. They are in form of questions that City Cloud was asked and they executed the tasks with the rapidity of a machine gun fire:

Increase sales: What KPIs will you be measured on for your work? How will your social goals link to the company’s bottom line?

Increase traffic: What tools will you use to measure traffic? How will you prove your social strategy relates to site traffic?

Increase Engagement: Why wasn’t the previous plan working? How will you plan to engage the customer’s clientele? Is there proof or reason behind this?

Project Timeline

Both parties agreed that the task of professional social media management will be an ongoing project and both parties had a right to cancel the contract within a written 1 month’s notice.

Scope of Work
Here, we detailed everything we were planning to do for the client.
This included but not limited to:

Posting Schedule: We managed to agree on the social media networks to use and the various reasons why we had to do so. Amongst them were: Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest? Both teams agreed on post approvals and clear guidelines were set.

Content Creation and Curation: This includes creating a social media content calendar, taking photographs and keeping a pulse on industry news.

Brand Keyword or Hashtag Monitoring Noting which keyword(s) or hashtag(s) you will be tracking.
Analytics and Reporting: The reporting frequency was agreed to be a weekly detailed report.

Social Media Management Details: The City Cloud crew advised Sassy Decor that they will be available 24/7 to attend to customer queries, requests and complaints on the Sassy Decor social media handles.

Project Milestones & Deadlines

This section will clearly define how the City Cloud crew measures Sassy Decor’s professional social media management success. Sassy Decor wanted more brand exposure from social media as well as increasing their sales. City Cloud then identifies impressions and reposts to be part of Sassy Decor’ key metrics. We can be your social media managers too! With our level of expertise and attention to details,we leave no stone unturned.

Some of the milestones that Sassy Decor and City Cloud agreed on were :

5% Web Sales Increase by End of Q3 2020

That figure was surpassed and as a result, the client managed to get the much-needed cash to expand their showroom.

6-Month Boost in Instagram Engagement Ratios
We used social media analytic tools like Sprout Social to measure engagement ratios to ensure we were reaching and interacting with more customers per month.

Launch Campaign by March 31, 2021
The campaign was a success. City Cloud managed to hit the mark! The campaign had stages such as kickoff, creative approval, launch, monitor and review. This helped both the client and the City Cloud team to create a timeline for the task and helped both teams to stay on track.

Proof of Work

When we started working with TG Gas, in February 2020 they had 3500 followers on Facebook. Over the next six months, we were able to increase that number to 7900 by posting regular content, replying to comments, and sharing user-generated content
Our experience can fit into your business needs as well. Check our testimonials section… You can count on City Cloud as your professional social media managers.

Terms of Agreement

This is the nitty-gritty of the proposal. In this section, we clearly communicate how we work and what the contract terms would be. It can include important items like:

Fees: project, hourly or retainer, content, infographics, etc.

Billing practices: how we invoice, what are our payment terms like or if we require a deposit

How we work with Sassy Decor: remotely, in the client’s office and when you’re available to answer questions

Termination: we agreed that each party has the right to end the contract in the form of a written letter.

Points of Contact
In addition to the campaign, City Cloud provides points of contact to where the client will receive weekly or bi-weekly updates on the project.

To avoid limbo and a continual back-and-forth between us ( your professional social media managers) and you the client, we write down what happens after the proposal is sent to you.

This is what we can do for your business if you hire us as your professional social media managers.
Remember, we take custom offers, where you can give us your preferred social media handles to be managed and we can give you a cost estimate together with what we can do for your organisation.
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